Behind every strong woman is a team that has her back.

The Women’s Health Movement is in your corner, empowering ambitious and motivated females to bring their best self, every day.

The Women’s Health Movement empowers women to take charge of their overall health through our four core pillars: Training, Education, Nutrition & Wellness.

Together our team of coaches and strong community will help you optimise everything from training to mindset to truly take control of your health and fitness.

Too many programs focus on a single area of fitness, or promise quick fixes and extreme changes. We’re here to hold space for the whole of you, not just one aspect of your life.

We know it’s hard not to stumble and lose your way with everything life throws at you. Our background in healthcare has allowed us to view women’s health and fitness through a unique lens, and formulate a holistic coaching approach tailored to empower women to achieve their goals.

It’s time to take action – and we’re right behind you. Be inspired, change your habits for good, and see lasting, sustainable growth by partnering with the Women’s Health Movement.

Become a role model for the important people in your life and gain the edge that will see you deliver more focus, more energy and more consistency into your work, your relationships and your overall health.

"It has taught me so much, mentally and physically: it really exceeded my expectations. I feel a lot more comfortable in the gym, feel like I am working towards a goal, putting my health first, and building a sustainable fitness future. Furthermore, I feel like I gained a group of amazing, talented friends in the community."

-Laila V


We don’t take the term coaching lightly. In addition to all of our group calls you will have 1:1 messaging access to your coach at all times, for any questions around your personal program, nutrition, or just a little bit of extra support which we all need sometimes. Here are some of the good humans we like to call your coaches.



​​Apart from being Nurse/ Midwife, and WBFF pro, Sharelle is so much more than titles and fitspo. Always leading from the front, she constantly reminds us what a growth mindset looks like. She goes above and beyond to educate the women of this community (with a few tangents of course) and always makes people feel heard and inspired long after speaking with them. Sharelle not only has managed to set a vision for what a different type of coaching looks like, but brought a whole group of women along to pioneer it too.



Mads is a Registered Nurse who transfers all those skills to her clients she goes above and beyond with. Currently exploring the strength training realm, she embodies what it is to be in this movement, consistently showing up and giving valuable insights, not to mention making us all laugh along the way. Outside of coaching you’ll find her in her happy place – the beach, with her questionable looking pugalier that’s stolen all our hearts.



In-between sets you’ll find Bec doing a little boogey that gets us all smiling. She’s a huge mental health advocate, and helps us all remember it’s okay not to be okay. Her willingness to be authentic and lean into vulnerability is something we can all learn from each time we’re around her. Bec truly knows how to role model self compassion and practice what she preaches.



The Nutrition Queen. You might hear us call her GemZilla as she’s exactly that in the gym, a beast. Type A to a T, Gem is currently studying Medicine, and brings that knowledge to educate us all, with an impressive IQ and a huge heart, she’s the first one to be cheering you on from the sidelines. She prepped for WBFF this year and even though she didn’t get to compete, she showed everyone what a role model who deserves a bikini placement looks like.



Our Chiropractor to be, Tahlia knows everything about human anatomy (seriously, everything) as our Rehab and Programming specialist she’s our in-house expert for everything pain and niggles. We love that she has a holistic approach towards helping others and sees people as so much more than just the mechanisms of traditional medicine. The only thing that can match her big laugh is her even bigger ambitions on educating this community.